Core of Samsung 7.0 Plus

In Samsung 7.0 + has built a SoC, and it is Exynos 4210. In other words, these are the two processors at 1.2 GHz, and four small 400 graphics core. The memory is 1GB, depending on model 7.0 + comes with a 16 or 32 GB of internal storage vendor. There is a MicroSD slot that can accept cards up to 32GB.

Performance only specified makes no sense to question, and 7.0 + has enough power that it can do almost everything that comes to mind that he set. The impact on the autonomy of the battery and such that the more intensive use (auto lighting, video, web, game) serving all day. If less or no playing or watching videos, there is every possibility that the 7.0 +stand a i day and a half to two.

At 7.0 + do not count if you plan to use the tablet for photography, because it was built last 3Mpx camera with LED flash, which is able to capture up to 720p video at 30 frames per second. The front has been significantly improved compared to that for which it is used, so long as you chat video recording camera of 2 megapixel.

There’s not much to say about the software side 7.0 +, and can be applied to upgrade the description stated in a recent step into the Xperia Sony S. Deliver Phone with Gingerbread and the Honeycomb tablet for almost six months after the release of Ice Cream  and Supplying the simplest update is pointless.

All accessories and software innovations that Samsung wants to make life easier anyway transform some boring world of Android tablet in the shadow of the temporary stopping and problems we have seen in the honeycomb. Hardware potential which has 7.0 + so it can not come to the fore. Of course, the device is fully usable, but with these specifications and the money that is for 7.0 + is required to make things must have been much better than just usable.

Upgrades to the ICS in all likelihood will be, mentioned in the second quarter of 2012 no official confirmation on the exact timing for this no.

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