Samsung I9070 Mobile Phone

Users who follow fashion will enjoy displaying its new mobile phone, especially when a screen of 4 “with curved glass and top finishes. It is equally good for use and for viewing, it fits easily in your hand and the ear when you talk. Super WVGA AMOLED display provides a very rich image  always and everywhere to enjoy them.

S dual-core processor at a computer, provides an exceptional mobile performance. Is powerful enough to handle everything you need on the mobile phone, including rich graphics, which is required for spectacular games, web browsing and watching HD videos. You will always enjoy the performance that is not scheduled, no matter how demanding an operation!



The camera of 5 MP is always ready to capture beautiful pictures
• Enjoy a recording and playing HD videos at 720p and 30 frames / sec.
• Listen to your favorite tunes built-in MP3 Player
• Listen to the latest hits, news and information on FM radio
• Long-lasting 1500 mAh battery allows you to enjoy more of your mobile device



Works with all mobile devices
• Contacts are based on telephone numbers and ID numbers, which is hard to remember
• Feel free to add text, image, video and voice messages
• Enjoy one-on-one chat or group chat, and interact with the micro-community
• The doodle is a creative way of freehand sketching posts
• Ranking of friends helps to keep VIPs at your fingertips
• Also available as a web version for PCs

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