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Galaxy S4 and HTC

Galaxy S4 did not impress HTC

Samsung’s new phone, Galaxy S4 with most of those who saw it well received, and the biggest criticism of the new product is one of Samsung’s biggest rival HTC.Galaxy S4 is introduced at a special event in New York last night, and a new “package” has caused quite a reaction among people in the industry as well as for end users.

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Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam? How to describe this phone. Firstly, it is a telephone and to the wise, and secondly, Samsung Galaxy Beam is a mini projector.  Now, when he arrived at our offer is a step away from the fact that you have such a truly original phone. Samsung Galaxy Beam is Samsung’s first phone with a pico projector, while in the past were there two models that have had, so to speak, classic projector, but that their sales did not go very well have quickly faded from memory, as we suspect that be with the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

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Samsung Galaxy W I8150

Samsung Galaxy W I8150

The design, size, controls


Samsung’s designers decided to carry out the modification Galaxy line: instead of glossy plastic casing with rounded edges in the model Galaxy Wonder i8150, we used a soft plastic on the back and the edges while the upper end of an almost rectangular (made of plastic, semi-glossy) . It will be available in black and white. Design is, of course, a simplified but fully ergonomic. Thanks to the relief surface structure (same as on Y Galaxy, Galaxy Ace, etc.). Phone does not slip out of hand.

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