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Samsung unveiled Galaxy Grand phone with a screen of 5-inch

Samsung has launched a new smart phone with a 5 inch screen, powered by Android 4.1.2 (Jelj Bean).It’s Galaxy Grand, which is primarily intended for the middle class.The new smart phone Samsung Galaxy Grand has a dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz and comes with many built-in functions that can be found on other Galaxy models, among which is the “S and Direct Voice Call” which allows users to make a call by lifting the handset the ear.

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Samsung E1200M Keystone 2

Samsung E1200M Keystone 2 – Very Simple and Extremely Inexpensive Phone

Samsung E1200M Keystone 2 belongs to a group of phones that are less frequently encountered in everyday life. These are phones that are newly developed and that has smell of “new factory”, but that its characteristics are reminiscent of some old phones when their cell was the title of the term. Today was a different time and Samsung Keystone E1200M 2 comes as part of Samsung’s offer for those who expect a minimum of technology, minimum.

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